Austin Colonic Center | Lake Travis Wellness Center Reviews


“I will never forget that experience!”

I did Karen’s cleanse retreat and had an incredible experience. I came in exhausted and overwhelmed at the idea of trying to regain my health. I’m 36 but felt like I was 50. I couldn’t get through the day without resting in bed. I was having daily migraines and pain and numbness in my hands. I knew 2 years ago I needed to get away from sugar and processed foods but had not been able to do it on my own which was very discouraging. I finally decided to do something that would help me get a jumpstart. Karen’s cleanse process is spot on. I felt so much better by the 3rd day. Her support throughout the process was so vital. Just spending time with her allowed me to learn so much! Being away from home for the retreat gave me a chance to reflect and heal, as well as completely avoid temptation. Karen was so attentive and knowledgeable throughout the process. I felt very comfortable with her. The massage and colonics she provided enabled me to detox less painfully than if I had been on my own. Her common sense suggestions for looking at my current schedule to figure out what was keeping me unhealthy were so helpful. Working on stretching, breathing and energy with Christine was a transformative experience. Karen even came to my house at the end and helped me go through my pantry and fridge to see what shifts we needed to make to continue to eat healthy whole foods more easily. I no longer have sugar cravings and I am able to continue to do my supported fast and cleanse at home. I will never forget that experience and I am so glad I did something for myself that I had been needing to do for a long time. Thank you Karen for all you did for me!

“We are both feeling and doing amazing!”

We are both feeling and doing amazing! We had fun together making post clease healthy snacks throughout Thanksgiving and I enjoyed letting J do all the work while he cooked and prepared everything himself. I was support and clean up crew. We’re definitely on a refreshed and rejuvenated focus on our health. I am loving have no emotional eating desires and not much appetite at all. I hope it never comes back! J lost EIGHT POUNDS!!! I lost FIVE! I can feel and see the difference and it’s a blessing in getting me kicked back into self-care gear.

Can you tell me where I can get more of  pretty please.the Poop Powder.

Thanks again Karen, what a great adventure that was for us.

Jennifer P.

“Thank you so much for all you do”

I am finally feeling good for the first time in my life!!! I was so tired of being so tired!! It seems that getting rid of the toxins also gets rid of all of those things that were plaguing me for so long … allergies, low energy, skin problems, so many things. Thank you so much for all you do


“Get a Colonic and Get Healthy!”

Karen is knowledgeable in digestive issues, colon hydrotherapy and nutrition. While desperately searching for an end to my fight with candida, I found Karen’s website and was hopeful. I met with her to discuss it and I later did her 5-day cleanse program with daily colonic therapy. After almost a year of battling candida and experiencing the after-effects of digestive issues for the majority of my life, I FINALLY felt better. Let’s be honest, the cleanse isn’t cheap or fun and the colonics can be awkwardly weird but she makes you feel comfortable and tries to help you any way she can which makes the whole experience worth it. The difference between how you feel before and after a colonic is truly astounding. The one day I walked in not feeling well – dizzy, hot, irritable, bloated, and overall negative – and I left happy, energetic and feeling fantastic. I practically skipped out of her office! After my cleanse, I felt like a whole new (and healthier) person. I also appreciated how she worked with my schedule and her daughter even saw me when she was out of town once. Thanks so much, Karen!


“This week has truly shifted my life”

I have done many juice cleanses and retreats and have gotten results but they always seemed temporary. I was drawn to this retreat because of the colonic component – it seemed like a missing piece. I came seeking weight loss, and even though I lost 7 pounds in a week, it felt like just a nice byproduct of all I gained. I left Austin feeling like I had REALLY done a cleanse. I also left with the knowledge of what to do going forward: how to address my candida (that I didn’t know I had), great information about what to eat, what not to eat, what supplements I really needed to take. I have a clear path for how to take care of myself going forward, thank you so much Karen and all of the wonderful presenters this week. This week has truly shifted my life.

Best Regards,

“It was great!”

I wanted to thank you for you guidance thru my badly needed and successful cleanse. I thought the seven days would be hard, especially doing it on my own at home with the temptations to eat all around me. But the supplements, cleansing drinks, and cleansing powders were ample to keep me on task. Then the colonics. Not knowing what to expect and being fearful actually, I was amazed at what a non-event those were compared to what was in my imagination. And BOY! Were they helpful in getting a good cleanse. I always felt really great after each.

My last year had been very stressful both from work and on a personal level. I had been working 60+ hours a week, and dealing with some traumatic family member health and emotional issues. I neglected my own health to the point of not every getting a full night sleep, drinking too much wine to relax, not enjoying exercising – in fact forcing myself to run (previously a source of real enjoyment) feeling mentally foggy and always feeling bloated anxious and tired. Yuck.

Thank you for patiently answering my endless questions. Thank you for not only helping me feel healthier after one short week, but also inspiring me to clean out my entire pantry and change my food habits. I plan to make a 7 day cleanse a staple to be done a couple times a year. It was great!

Sandra G

“You far exceeded my expectation”

I wanted to pass along my most sincere thank you for a wonderful week at your wellness center. As you know, I was a little sceptical at first, but your program was a true transformation for me mentally, physically, nutritionally and spiritually.

I was most impressed with the depth of your program and the team you have assembled. I learned so much about toxins, the importance of food as nutrition, spiritual and physical well-being and how to make wise choices and take better care of my body for the long-term. You far exceeded my expectation and put me on the path to good health.

Feel free to give any perspective clients my phone number. I would be happy to speak to them about your selfless approach to getting people well!


“I appreciated your personal touch”

I just wanted to write and thank you for a great week at the Lost Parrot and Lake Travis Wellness Center. I arrived with some trepidation wondering what I had signed up for. I have learned so much. You have given me the tools to start on my own healthier journey. I really appreciated the variety of speakers and subject areas covered. Mel was amazing, loved her enthusiasm and ideas. The yoga and deep breathing were especially helpful for me. I am already using it to try and deal with the stresses I encounter each day. The actual cleanse was not difficult and I did not feel hungry until the last day. I appreciated your personal touch, hands on support and your passion for helping others become healthy. I already miss the relaxing days at the oasis of the Lost Parrot reading on my hammock or swimming at the pool.

Wishing you all the best as you continue to share your insights and skills with others.


“Coming off of the cleanse was very easy”

After years of being envious of celebrities who have the time and resources to do a real cleanse, I decided to make time for myself and find someone to help me with a 7 day cleanse. I was lucky enough to find Karen at Lake Travis Wellness who helped me from step one with everything I needed for the full 7 days, as well as detailed information and encouragement.

I went into the process with fear and trepidation. With intense sugar and salt cravings, and a generally lazy disposition, I have never been able to stick to a diet. The constant stress of my job, 3.5 hour commute, and family were taking a severe toll on my skin, hair, digestive system, immune system, joints and muscles. I was a mess! I was 20 pounds overweight, suffering from allergies, and miserable after indulging in sweets, junk food and caffeine. I was willing to do just about anything to get better.

I’ll skip the suspense and report that I made it through the entire cleanse without breaking a sweat. I had no temptation to cheat at any point (except that one time I saw a pizza commercial) and never felt hungry. If anything I had to force myself to drink the juices. The supplements I took three times each day kept me full and energetic throughout the day and I slept better than I ever had as my GERD quickly went away. No more waking up several times a night with painful acid reflux. No more sugar and caffeine addictions.

The colonics were a bit scary going into the process, but I quickly relaxed and learned to live with the process. Once each colonic was over, I felt amazing. Lighter, leaner and clean!

By just over half of the way through the process, colleagues remarked that I was glowing and they could not believe how energetic I was given I had not eaten any solid food in days. I believe I lost a total of 5 or 6 pounds during the week, but can’t be sure as I never really weighed myself. That wasn’t what this was about. It was about cleansing myself, killing candida, cutting the sugar habit so that I could stick to a healthier diet and lose weight naturally.

Coming off of the cleanse was very easy. Karen educated me along the way and my husband was very supportive in preparing the meals I needed to transition easily. I started with salads and then into a Paleo diet with clean, organic foods. Throughout the process, I have had no stomach upset, no acid reflux, and no cedar allergies during a record setting year for cedar pollen. The inflammation in my body that was so noticeable in my face and aching muscles has subsided. I still have 15 pounds to lose but I’m eating right and no longer plagued by cravings.

Audrey E.

“This cleanse was the jump start I needed”

When I turned 50, my body moved into menopause, I started a job that required I sit at a desk 8-12 hrs per day and I slowly started to put on more weight each year over the next 6 years. Due to the long work hours and business requirements, I also developed the bad habit of eating out, over eating frequently and too late in the evening than was healthy. I was already overweight and have been off and on most of my life, but this unhealthy,stressful and sedentary lifestyle slowly compounded into an additional 80lb weight gain to my already overweight body over a period of 6 years, putting me on the “morbidly obese” list.

Also in the past 5 years, my annual health exams started revealing several issues that required I start taking medication for the first time in my life for thyroid and high blood pressure. I also had a cholesterol result >230 year after year and was increasingly moving into the pre-diabetic category. My latest exam, my physician said she was going to recommend I do another lab workup in 6 months to determine if I should start taking Diabetic medication.

I was not sleeping well and was constantly hungry and craving fatty and high sodium foods. The more I ate, the more hungry I was. I was struggling to keep my energy up and felt fatigued all the time. I started having consistent minor skin issues such as scalp and ear itching and was suffering from allergy reactions often. Lastly, I realized I had become very sad and unhappy and began isolating myself from socialization with friends and family and this is not typical for my personality.

This was the breaking point for me in addition to the fact that I was feeling very incredibly miserable physically, and even more miserable emotionally because I was not helping myself change. I had done cleanses before and knew I needed to do one again, but I knew I couldn’t do one on my own and needed help and support so I started searching for a solution such as a vacation cleansing retreat. That’s when I found Lake Travis Wellness Cleanse Retreat and contacted Karen.

What was different in this cleanse for me is I had never cleansed with additional colonic therapy. I found this appealing as I thought this would help minimize any possible detox effects and I believe it did exactly that for me and helped tremendously. I knew this would be a”process” and it was great to be in a supportive environment. The first 4-5 days for me were very challenging. It was difficult to get past the intense food cravings and physically difficult for me to go on our daily walks and do some of the breath-work positions initially and I was still feeling so bloated. But on day 5, I had a dramatic shift in the bloating and my energy level improved, plus I had lost about 7-8 pounds. The cravings changed during the last 2 days and although I had a desire to”chew” food, I wasn’t actually hungry like I had been before I started cleansing. By the last day, I was willing to go another 2 days on my own after the retreat, the walks and breath-work were much easier and so I did continue to cleanse an additional 2 days.

I had scheduled my 6 month annual exam the week after the cleanse and I got very exciting results. My blood pressure and cholesterol had dropped into medically acceptable ranges and lower than they had been in 5 years even with the meds. My blood sugar had stabilized and my physician was please to say she would not recommend I go on diabetic medication at this time. Since the cleanse, I have been moving daily for 1 hour per day, maintained healthy eating habits and my energy levels are staying high and my spirits have lifted and I’m feeling happy and calm again. I’ve also been sleeping very well too. We learned tons of useful and practical information from several awesome workshop representatives presenting topics for breath-work and yoga positions, fitness training, food and agriculture history, life coaching and self-worth inspiration, cooking and nutrition tips to help incorporate these changes at home.

My goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle 85% of the time and lose to a healthy weight over the next year and for the second half of my life. This cleanse was the jump start I needed. I would recommend if you want to reset yourself, then sign up for this cleanse, participate whole heartedly through the challenge, apply the knowledge that is shared with you once you go home and continue the good habits started and your life will change! I know mine has and now it’s up to me to continue that process going forward, but this cleanse was key to getting started.

Thanks Karen, to you and the great workshop reps for great support, healing and a great program! Last but not least, I have to mention that I was so lucky to have 2 other participants in this program at the same time that were a joy to share this journey with and the laughter and support they provided was so healing and fun. I wish all of you the best in health and happiness.

Karen G.

“One month later”

I’m still doing really great and each day seems to be getting better and better, so thanks again.


“This is a great place”

Easy to get in for a session. Free consultation. I got a lot of relief and lost some hard to lose weight with Karen’s cleanse. Thanks so much.

Meg M.

“Very professional, knowledgeable therapist”

Helped me immensely with my digestive problems and constipation. Goodbye bloating and gas. Thanks so much.

“She made me feel comfortable”

Karen’s treatments and recommendations helped alleviate my IBS symptoms when no other treatments or medications helped. She made me feel comfortable and the relief from my IBS symptoms was immediate. I continue to follow her treatment protocol and have been symptom free for months!